Every bride wants to make her wedding day a memorable event, and there are so many fun ways to get your friends engaged. Of course, you want to have delicious food, great music, and drinks, but everyone is sure to remember the day forever when you add interactive games.

How to make your wedding reception fun?

Take a look at 10 wedding reception games that will help you get your party started

10 Funny Wedding Reception Games to Get the Party Started

1. Photo Booth

Nothing livens up a party like a photo booth. You can have accessories including silly glasses and hats, and your friends can take turns getting photos with each other.

This is always one of the highlights of the party, and people really have a lot of fun. You can even let them take turns snapping photos with the bride and put them together in a photo album. 

2. Mad Libs for Weddings

Do you remember taking road trips and filling in Mad Libs? You can customize your Mad Libs for the wedding, and place them on the tables. Encourage your friends to fill them in, and late in the evening, take some time to read a few of them out loud to the crowd. This is a great way to get everyone laughing. 

3. Giant Lawn Games

If you are having a daytime wedding outdoors, you can have a few Giant lawn games for people to play.

You can try Giant Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, or Giant Dice. People will enjoy playing these oversized versions of favorite games, and you can even have contests and offer prizes.

If you don’t know where to find these games, you can go to your hardware store and buy some wood to create the tiles for Tic Tac Toe or Dice. 

4. Activity Wheel

This is a fun interactive game that your friends can all play. Create a wheel, and have different dares on cards. When your friends spin the wheel, they have to do the activity that comes up.

This can include fun activities such as kissing your date, showing your best dance moves, Choosing a couple to kiss, and more. This is a grown-up version of truth or dare, and you can customize the activity cards. 

5. Tables with Classic Board Games

If you are worried about having friends who don’t know each other, classic board games are a great ice breaker. Include Scrabble, Life, Uno, and other classics that everyone loves to play. People will get to know each other and enjoy this throwback to their childhoods.

10 Funny Wedding Reception Games to Get the Party Started

6. Coloring Station for Kids

If you plan to have kids at your wedding, you can provide them with a coloring station. Kids can spend hours coloring, and you can have blank colorful paper or coloring books with crayons or colored pencils.

If you have space, cover an entire table with butcher paper so that the kids can write on it all night long. They will leave thinking the wedding is one of the best parties they have ever attended. 


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7. Digital Scavenger Hunt

Most people will have a smartphone with them, so they can take photos. You can create a digital scavenger hunt with a list of 15 or 20 different photos you want them to take. You can include ideas such as someone kissing, someone dancing, and a group selfie.

You can offer prizes for the best photos, and you can use all of the photos to create a wedding book that you will always enjoy looking back on over the years to come. 

8. Jenga Stations

Jenga is one of those games that people love to play and watch. You can set up Jenga sets on a few different tables. If you want to make it even more fun, try to find the life-size version of Jenga and place it on the ground.

You can even make your own using lumber from the hardware store. You can customize it with stain or paints, and it can make a memorable activity at your wedding. 

10 Funny Wedding Reception Games to Get the Party Started

9. Bride and Groom Trivia

This is a fun game that will show you how much your friends know about you and your husband. You can place multiple-choice questions about yourself, including when you met, where you met, what your song is, and more.

You can come up with all kinds of creative ideas, including some silly ideas that are sure to make everyone laugh. Have a contest to see who gets the most answers right, and give them a prize. 

10. Tarot Card Reader

It is natural for people to be curious about what the cards say about their futures. When you have a tarot card reader, your guests will line up to have their cards read.

You can set the tarot card reader up in a small tent or at a table. While you are taking your pictures, the tarot card reader can keep your guests entertained. 

Final Thoughts

10 Funny Wedding Reception Games to Get the Party Started Pin

When you have people from different parts of your life gather for your wedding day, it is a great idea to offer activities that can help break the ice and make your wedding fun for everyone. Go through these different ideas, and choose the ones that you will enjoy organizing. You will make great memories that last a lifetime.

Your friends will be talking about your wedding for years to come, and you might inspire them so that they plan fun weddings too. Everyone loves to have a good time, and your wedding should be the most amazing event of your life. 

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