When you want the interior of your home to look nicer, adding plants will never let you down. Regardless of where you live, you can easily find the right plants to add that special touch to your home because there are so many of them to choose from. The plants don’t have to be in vases or pots to look good because there are tons of other decorating ideas that will make any room in your home look fantastic. If you’re not sure how to get started, not to worry because below are some great tips that will have your home looking amazing in no time.

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How to Decorate with Plants

How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors

If you’re interested in putting plants in your home but you aren’t sure exactly how to do that to make each room look good, you’re not alone. Below are some tips you can use for just about any room in your home.

1. Put plants on your bookshelves

They not only decorate the bookshelves, but they add some oomph to the room, especially smaller rooms such as living rooms and home offices.

2. Put plants on tabletops

Whether it’s your dining room table or coffee table, a nice plant will make the room come alive.

3. Put several plants in the corner of a room

If you have a corner that needs more pizzazz, put several potted plants with decorative pots there and watch how everyone reacts.

4. Try dried stems and flowers

You can mix faux stems with real stems, and they’ll make any room more decorative. Put them in either pots or bowls for the best effect.

5. Put them on either side of your fireplace

Let’s face it, fireplaces can be boring. Try adding plants to either side of the fireplace for a much fancier look.

6. Put hanging baskets above windows

This not only causes everyone who enters the room to look up and notice the plants, but it also opens up the room and makes it look bigger.

Plant Decor Ideas for Each Room

Naturally, each room in your home needs a unique plant so that the best of that room can be brought out. If you’re not sure what plants to include in each room, below are some suggestions.

  • The kitchen: fresh herbs. The good news about fresh herbs is that they can be enjoyed indoors all year long. You may have to prune some of them, and some may need more sunlight than others, but keeping fresh herbs in the kitchen not only makes your dishes taste better, but makes the kitchen itself look phenomenal!
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • The bedrooms: French lavender. Lavender plants work great in the bedroom because lavender is excellent in promoting calmness. It actually doesn’t have to be French lavender – any lavender will do. But French lavender does great indoors and is very low-maintenance as well.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • The living room: lilies. Peace lilies in particular look great in living rooms. Why? Because they are very eye-catching and showy plants that everyone will notice. They have beautiful glossy leaves and do well even in low-light situations, and you can place them anywhere in the room, including on an end table or a coffee table, or even in a window.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • The dining room: bamboo plants. Bamboo is a unique plant that can grow with nothing but pebbles and some water. They come in both straight and twisted designs and are super easy to care for. They are also neat plants because there is no dirt or soil involved in growing them. You can put them just about anywhere, including the middle of your dining room table.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • The bathroom: a tropical plant. Any type of tropical plant will do well on your bathroom counter or anywhere else in the room. This is because the low light and the humidity mimic what these plants are used to. Ferns do especially well in bathrooms and are low-maintenance as well. 
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors

Best Indoor House Plants

If you’d like to know exactly what types of plants work great indoors, you certainly have a lot of them to choose from. The plants you end up choosing depend on three things: the amount of space you have in a particular room, whether you want the plant to be a hanging plant or one that sits in a pot, and of course, the amount of light the room gets. There are numerous plants that make great indoor plants, and below are three of them to consider.

  • Aloe vera. Aloe vera is known for its healing properties, but it’s also good for purifying the air and making it healthier. The juice of the aloe vera plant is known to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and it doesn’t even require watering all that often. It is also an attractive plant that everyone will recognize.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • Rubber tree. (Ficus elastica) These are perfect for people who tend to forget about their plants because they can grow just about anywhere. As long as you give it plenty of sunlight and some space to grow, it will be happy and therefore make you happy as well.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors
  • Spider plant. Not only are spider plants great air purifiers, but all they need to grow is bright light, yet no direct sun. Put them in any room where there are big windows and they’ll be happy, and they even make cute little baby spiderettes every now and then for you to enjoy.
How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors

There are many other indoor plants that you can enjoy, so do your due diligence to find out about all of the others.


Plants certainly make the interior of your home much more attractive, and fortunately, most of them are easy to care for as well. Regardless of where you live or the climate you enjoy there, it is super easy to find indoor plants that will add pizzazz to your home instantly. Some are low-maintenance and some are not, so you’ll definitely have to research the plants you’re considering to get the right ones for your home. Nevertheless, this is a lot easier than you think and pretty soon, the interior of your home can look a whole lot better.

How to Decorate with Plants for Indoors

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