Being with a significant other sometimes gets challenging, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. The thing is, life is a one-shot deal, so cramming in as much fun as possible is imperative. You likely already know some of the more serious things couples can do together, but what about doing things just for the fun of it? If you can’t think of any activities on your own, not worry because below are 23 fun things you can do with your boyfriend when you’re at home.

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23 Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home

1. Roast S’Mores Together Over the Fireplace

S’mores are not just for camping anymore. Get the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate together and create some s’mores over the fireplace or even on the top of your stove.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

2. Have a Movie Night with a Theme

Movie night is always fun, but it gets even better if you stick with a certain theme. Base your choice on the genre, the director, a favorite actor, or anything else. Then go to pay-per-view and rent one movie after another!

3. Have a Video Game Marathon

If you both love playing video games, why not turn it into a competition? Grab the controls, put on your favorite video, and go to town! It can even give you a chance to improve your video-gaming skills.

4. Have a Sketching Competition

This can be fun even if neither one of you can draw. In fact, it might be even funnier that way! Start by deciding what you’re going to sketch, and show your drawings to one another afterward for some great memories.

5. Have a Massage Night

Who needs a professional masseuse anyway? Give each other sensual, slow massages, and be prepared for what will likely happen next! This is the ultimate fun activity for couples.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

6. Host Your Own Wine and Cheese Party

You don’t need a crowd of people to enjoy wine and cheese. Buy wines and cheeses you’ve never tried before to make it even more interesting. This is a great way to both relax and taste some yummy foods.

7. Play a Game of Poker

If you don’t know how to play poker, now is a great time to learn. Play with one another so you can learn something new and see whose competitive streak rears its head first.

8. Have Breakfast in Bed – for Your Dinner

Breakfast foods are not just for the morning hours anymore. Set up a few plates of all of your favorite breakfast foods and bring them to your bedroom. It’s an activity that allows you to eat, relax, and enjoy some downtime.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

9. Have a Fondue Night

You can fondue anything you like, not just cheese. Melt some chocolate then dip some strawberries in it if this is something you’d like to try. Fun and tasty, especially when you start experimenting with different foods.

10. Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

Jigsaw puzzles are lots of fun, and putting one together can be a very calming activity for both of you. Work on the puzzle as much or as little as you like at one time.

11. Create a Photo Album or Memory Book

Memory books or photo albums are fun to organize with two people. You can commemorate a special trip or just tons of pictures of the two of you. The books will be very valuable for the two of you in the future.

12. Have a Cooking Competition

You can do this in several ways. Cook whatever you like, cook the same dish and compare them afterward, or determine ahead of time that you can only use a certain number of ingredients in your creations.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

13. Attend a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours of museums and other hot spots are fun and very easy to find in a post-COVID world. Find a place you’ve always wanted to visit and go there virtually.

14. Pet-Sit for a Friend

If you love pets, ask a friend if you can pet-sit for them for a few days. It’ll give you both an appreciation for furry family members before you get one of your own.

15. Take a Romantic Bubble Bath Together

Few things are more romantic than taking a bubble bath together. Make sure you light some candles first to make for the perfect mood and make the water nice and warm.

16. Watch Sunday Football Together

Bring out the pizza, nachos, or chips and dip and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon football game. If one of you doesn’t like football, try another sport.

17. Do Some Karaoke on YouTube

If you love to sing karaoke but don’t want to sing in front of everybody, locate a YouTube video that helps you do the same thing but in the comfort of your own home.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

18. Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice cream sundaes can make anyone feel like a kid again, so grab the ice cream, syrup, and toppings and go to town with your own creations.

19. Have a Picnic in the Back Yard

You can have a romantic picnic in the backyard instead of traveling to a separate location. Fry up some chicken, boil some eggs, and bring anything else that you know will make the event special.

20. Complete a Home Improvement Project

Every couple has a to-do list, and you and your honey can choose one of the items on that list and work on it until completion. Or, get one started and pick it up again on a later day.

21. Play a Board Game

Whether you love Backgammon, Yahtzee, Monopoly, or any other board game, this is super fun and relaxing way to spend a quiet evening at home.

22. Try Something New with the Help of YouTube

YouTube has videos for just about everything, so if you’ve ever wanted to learn a dance or even play an instrument, do it together with the help of a lesson on YouTube.

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

23. Play Twister

There’s a reason why Twister has been around for so long – it’s pure fun! Whip out that colorful plastic sheet and have some fun with one another!

23 Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

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